The LEDA Partner Program

Now that the LEDA is live, the next step for us is to arrange partnerships with well-established Web3 companies to raise funding for the development of all the cool features we have lined up. Each Web3 company we work with will be releasing their own NFT Collections on LEDA and the money raised from theseNFTs will be used fund the further development of LEDA as well as special grants for projects that make use of what our partners build. There will only be a limited number of LEDA Partners and each will host some of the most high-profile projects on LEDA. We will be organizing collaborations between our Partners and other NFT projects built on LEDA to ensure that everyone who builds on this NFT Marketplace gets well-exposed to the communities of every other project built on LEDA.

Leda Marketplace

The development team and community of The Jupiter Project are working together to build LEDA, the cutting-edge NFT Marketplace that will provide a vast array of exotic features for NFT projects in a wide range of niches including Digital Art, Gaming, Social Media, and DeFi, just to name a few. LEDA's support of features that are specifically designed to accommodate the development of various niche-specific projects will present unique opportunities for cross-project collaborations.

For example, If a real estate business interested in working with NFTs decides to build on LEDA, they could easily utilize augmented reality support designed for gaming projects for their own non-gaming project. This process will be made even easier with the addition of social functionality built into the marketplace itself that will allow both creators and customers to seamlessly reach out to each other and connect.

Niche-specific features aside. LEDA will also host some very unique smart contract mechanisms that provide the NFT projects built on the platform with a whole new range of functions. Three of these mechanisms are NFT rentals, NFT pawning and NFT access to social pages and other material. These mechanisms can also be used in conjunction with each other which means the possibilities are endless. For example, The NFT access mechanism combined with theNFT rental mechanism would be perfect for someone interested in building a decentralized subscription service.

The JUP Apes NFT Project

The JUP Apes is an NFT project that was started in March 2021 to raise funds for the development of The Jupiter Project. The Jupiter Project is a Web3 ecosystem that hosts a range of useful dApps such as a fully decentralized messaging app, decentralized file storage, and an NFT Marketplace that is set to become fully decentralized - LEDA. Enough money was raised through the sale of JUP Apes to fund the migration of the NFT Marketplace from the native Jupiter blockchain to the Ethereum blockchain, where the dApp is far more versatile. JUP Ape owners will get to vote on how exactly the Jupiter Project is developed, they are also what we are using to raise capital for the NFT rental, pawning and access features.50% of the LEDA Marketplace Fees will be distributed to JUP Apes Holders and owners of JUP Apes also will be able to lock their apes for loans of 0.09 ETH foreach ape. The apes get released when the loan is paid back. The size of the loans that can be claimed will steadily increase over time.

Metis Messenger

mobile screenshot

Utilizing Jupiter’s blockchain, Metis can provide a fully encrypted, decentralized chatting service. Through JSON formatting and our military-grade encryption, the Metis application can secure every single message on the platform. Metis uniquely uses accounts for channels and builds each user their channel list that is stored in their account. This enables account portability across any Metis instance.

Take control of your data

Chat without annoying ads, data mining, and AIlistening.

Fully anonymous

No personal information will ever be required.


Your privacy is in your hands.

Secured Network

Combining Cryptographic security with two-factor authentication for ultimate security.